Democracy vs. The World Go Democracy!
Iraqi pipeline bombed
Criticism on US training of Iraqi police
IT morale at rock-bottom .. but salaries still higher than non-IT workers.
Scientology worming into public schools
... and why Scientology is not so good.
Disney vs Eisner "Eisner's pay package rose 20 percent in in 2003"
Next Ice Age not to occur naturally for 15k more years
Googlism Link goes to 'truth'
'Seamless' WiFi+3G wireless roaming
Robotic rock climbers ... the army of bots marches on :).
White males a hot demographic for the 04 election. Vote Republican, damnit.
Heavy Higgs
SCO vs World continues .. this time SCO picks on one of their few (only) allies.
Teacher suspended for washing student's mouth out. Should get a raise!
Who didn't know this already??
Vin Diesel plays(ed) D&D Sea Adventures?
Ass-hat kills old guy, gets fined. Hits tree, goes to jail. WTF??
Courtney Love going to jail?
The D Game of Life
MS's next Media Player "Microsoft's R&D Department, code-named Apple"!
Kerry names 1969-Kerry as running mate
Tenet annoying the crap out of his family 'Get a job'
Kerry:I will make this country great again, like Reagan, only we all speak French
Bush presidency not getting me laid.
You should spend time, daily, on FARK ! DRUDGE ! REDvsBLUE