Follow-Up:Akamai was downed by Russian crackers ... probably.
... More on Akamai, and bot-nets in general
KORGO worm - phishing + trojan/keylogger
Big Bomb - 35 Iraqis killed
9/11 Commission tears military new sphincter
Napster to give away free music players
Cloning a human embryo ... to get stem cells.
Anti-Crow stun gun - actually affects groups of people! Sweet!
The Founding Fathers had Foul Mouths ... pure ornamental cursing, and fusty luggs for all!
Robotic Exoskeleton!!
SomethingAwful.com does photochops too ... 'Put yourself in my shoes' probably NSFW
Hospital failed to properly clean equipment! Would you please get tested for HIV, Hep, etc.?
Teleportation. Kind of.
School reform
The monogamy gene
How the Medicare Prescription cards work
Test to predict menopause
Wear a Rad Suit before going to Mars
Tom's Hardware Guide reviews LEAF 'Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall'
MS willing to adopt Iraq
Pop Quiz - Dog Toy or Marital Aid?
Truman to blame for 9/11
Kerry cries foul
Man's impending death will be Alcohol related
Step1:Buy a Ferrari Step2:Hit a pot-hole Step3:Profit! ... or lose $320k, you pick.
PS - Cisco released version 4.0.4.D of their VPN client today HERE ... requires CCO login.