IRAQ:Another hostage video ...
IRAQ:Iran invading?
IRAQ:Pipelines attacked (again)
IRAQ: and the Oil Security Chief slain as well
Akmai downed by DDoS
More Akamai problem info here
... and more about Akamai 'going postal' :)
Company claims patent on Software Downloading ... and it isn't MS! Limeys.
'Recent Earthquake map' 13 in last week, big blue square is the recent 5.2
LA Times publishes biased poll ... and gets caught.
Jackson settled '93 case for $25m .. no real news, but $25m is a decent amount of bank.
Greece basically bankrupting itself to host Olympics
UN:The world is turning to dust
Biothermal batteries
Maxim's write-up on Absinthe
Step1:Get Drunk Step2:Drive Step3:Profit! ... or smash 17 cars, you pick.
The Fucking Village
One in Three PC's 'host' malware check the bonus links below ...
nude model, five bodies and the Mormon assassination plot ... with a title like that, what do I need to add?? I could mention that it is some seriously F'ed up stuff.
Karma - donate kidney, win lottery
Y2k licenses expiring Act Now! :)
The 9/11 Commission could have been prevented
USSC - God's name can be taken in vain (Mark won't want to read this one)
Brought to you by fireworks : Almost a Darwin candidate ... missed by mere inches
G8 summit calls for an end to J-Lo's marriages
The ever-popular home-mad flame-thrower
China to fake lunar landing NLT 2006
Bonus links, for removing/preventing spyware: (mostly on Win* boxes)
Spybot Search & Destroy
And run an AntiVirus SW. And run a Personal FireWall (I recommend ZoneAlarm).
... and keep them all up to date (run the updates ATLEAST weekly! Daily is even better!)