Keep an eye open for the VBS.pub virus. It deletes files.
Financial Services group eBays a Hard Drive Oh, and it contained their customer database + access codes.
'HP should buy BearingPoint' The Loon's words, not mine!
NYSE & NASDAQ to close Friday
Cisco to bundle Trend AV into products
Quantum crypto goes live. Now all we need is fiber to every machine ...
Venus transits the Sun TODAY PS - you already missed it.
Space.com's article on Venus+Sun
Mars rover 'Opportunity' may take a one way trip
More Black hole fun
Work-Life balance
Reaganomics alive in Bush
Morrissey proves he is an ass.
Many others show lack of respect as well ... check out this douchebag
Or this cockbite
Semen in food, Thanks Denny's! ew ew ew ew
MS unveils new XBOX @ G8 Conf.
Be the soapbubble.
If you ignore the scary-inbred-redneck pitcure, this guy has quite a few interesting things to say. Rob will like him 'cuz he's a Libertarian; but don't hold that against him.