Iraq --> Martial Law?
Review/Comment on a very negative financial outlook ... I agree that it is not quite that bad ...
Bush disagrees with 9/11 commission
Cheney disagrees with 9/11 commission
Kerry on 9/11 ... and other things he is wrong about. He sure can waffle!
And the 'fine' people at SFGate are shortsighted as well
UBL indicted back in 98, tied to Iraq ... from Clinton's Justice Dept. Just a little perspective.
Iran responds to IAEA
Taliban leader killed by Pakistanis = One less terrorist to worry about.
Walmart has more GDP/Sales than the country of Poland ... and Citigroup is bigger than Chile!
(Public) School reform ... "not how much you spend, but how you spend it"
Regarding "Under God" ... and how the USSC dodged a bullet while setting the stage for more long, drawn-out battles. Mostly for political reasons too.
One-third of Europe's child deaths are environment related. Damn!
Surprise meteor shower maybe ...
Anti-Spyware legislation in the works.
An ex-American speaks on politics. Now he's Canadian, not hat there's anything wrong with that. I disagree with his choice of adjectives in many cases, and he is certainly not flattering to the US or our history .. but still interesting.
BEER - the new wine
In Saudi - Women can now be heard ... but still not seen. Welcome to the 21st century!
Copy-protect CDs have arrived Great way to piss off the few people still buying CDs. The answer = don't buy them!
Jackson not happy the settlement details were leaked. Understandable, but how about you just not touch children??
... every time one of those commissioners mentions a date it’s always September 11
Double-Secret probation
Invasion of Canada canceled
Iraq-al Qaeda link found - Saddam & Osama = gay lovers ... not that there is anything wrong with that (ahem)
Trunk Monkey!
Madonna --> Esther. Esther? WTF - could you atleast pick a real name?
Excellent Prom Prank ... how did I miss this before??