NA now owns patent for 'blocking spam'. Like that will hold up ...
Oil supply is nearly limitless! Now can I get it for less than $2/gallon??
Enron traders ... on tape ... saying stupid things. Deregulation CAN still be good!
Condom Ambulance! Those damn Swedes get everything!
Virus that kills cancer.
Big ass prime # found.

ACN wins $10b Homeland Security contract
SIDENOTE: ACN is, technically, a Bermuda-based company. However the contract explicitly requires all of the work (and therefore tax dollars) to remain in-country.

StumbleUpon ... COOL!
The 'living room notebook'
Sun & Fujitsu in bed together.
One big fat baby.
Karmazin out. Radio unit to be sold?
More Black Hole info
Space-Tug to save ailing satellites.
Robots too!
More phones = fewer PC's, more function ... and more women?
Comic Book Duels
(OLD) Article on swarm breeding dynamics
Moore or Pig Thanks Ryan!
Moer Fark - Photoshop. BTW - you should go to Fark everyday. It's like crack.