Saddam had WMD!
Halt (almost) any (recent) Linux box! Requires naught but shell access.
USSC = 'Pledge can remain as-is' BUT they based the decision on a technicality, thus dodging the REAL issue!
Some 'Pledge' history
North Korea has their own ICBMs & can reach the US.
Iran ... Nukes ...
Backdoor the backdoor - oh wait, he already did
'Dissident' gets 4 years house arrest ... beats prison, but a 15 minute trial seems a bit fast.
Bush praises Clinton ... I respectfully disagree.
Social Security a little 'stronger' than previously thought ... I still won't get much.
How to survive various terrorist attacks
Give the best to your graduating daughter. Well, the men will appreciate it anyway!
SCO finally going down? Atleast a little bit.
More No-SCO
Croc hunter in hot water for being in cold water
Solar speed limit
Dog unharmed after 90' fall!
The big hiss theory?
Sarbanes-Oxley impacts business DUH!
The data Center of 2007 ... no blades here!
Infrastructure a commodity My job --> India
Tanks get force fields!
Men don't listen. Newsflash, eh?
11" of Rasputin NSFW
Kerry stalking McCain.
Kerry picks Al-Sadr as VP
John Edwards crosses over, and no-one can reach him.
Teenager banned from driving for 43 years