Tenet resigns.
Plexus virus/worm ... three vectors. (nice!)
NetSky-P fed by Potter-mania. ... can we say 'Social Engineering'
Deleting sections of (mouse) genome had no effect.
She just wouldn't listen.
7 hours @ Scores = $129,626.
Teacher creates sugar-free elementary school.
New release of Army's FPS
SCO, unable to find 'the stolen code', asks for more from IBM
Venus to 'cross the sun' Tuesday.
'Second Life' - real $$$ for virtual life.
Japanese not having (enough) sex.
MS granted patent for 'double-clicking. Patents for drinking, breathing next.
Vets favor Bush.
More jobs.
More jobs ... bad for stock market?? Doubtful!
Pope against Homosexuals and abortion. Shocker!
Moore doesn't always give the whole story
Yearbook Antisemitism.
Stress Relief NSFW
Step 1-Steal Camera ; Step 2-Take pictures of yourselves ; Step 3-__(guess)__
Made me laugh.
When Old People attack
Impregnated for Natl Security reasons. Is it too late for me to use this one??
Alzheimer's in males caused by monogamy
Canadian army to (finally) get pants.
... And then they killed the chicken.
PS - Go here ( Defective Yeti , frequently, for a good laugh.