UN Resolution passes 15-0
FED may raise rates faster 'but only if needed'.
Memories of Reagan, from a N.O.W. member ... If she can have fond memories, anyone should be able to!
ANTI-Patriot Act sentiments rising.
Oil could drop as low as $20/barrel early next year ... vs. the record $42.33 on June 1st!
Reagan to replace Hamilton on the $10 bill Or the $20. Or the dime.
Clear Channel to pay $1.7M Ouch!
BT will save £1b annually VOIP works!
Sugar-based engined Well, sugar --> Hydrogen, anyway
Cool! Dead people --> gems! Beats the hell out of getting buried or burned!
Greyhounds use Cocaine.
How to speed without getting caught. Thanks Maxim!
Slap Air Marshall, go directly to jail. Dumb Beyatch.
You are supposed to throw the lighter fluid on the OTHER person. Darwin candidate?!
If you were poor and lived in Cuba, and needed to get around ...