a worm for your phone ... you had to know it was coming!
Cheney - 'Saddam in bed with al Qaida' (my words)
Ack. All CBS radios to play 1hour of Clinton! D&M going off-air early that night. WTF??
Spinal cord reapirs possible? Still early, but promising!
RedHat -1 CEO
VoIP not going to kill Telecoms
MS Virtual Server 2005 coming soon ... any day now ...
Step1-Scam eBay users Step2-__?__ Step3-Profit! ... no wait, Step3 is Jail!
TIME article on blogs ... mentions FARK
Schneier's current Crypto-gram Always worth reading!
Social Engineering @ work
Browser HiJacking ... turning you into a criminal?
Put InfoSec in persepctive .. and why we, basically, suck at it.
Hack the vote?
More on Meme's!
... nothing funny yet. Bad day.