Bush polls rebounding ... finally! Sadly, only a tie right now.
Russia provided info suggesting Iraq was planning to attack USA! ... good to have data showing what some of us have believed all along.
Fire @ Vermont Nuclear Power Plant. 'Nothing major'
Not-So-QUICK Interesting:
70 megapixel, 360 degree webcam. Nice!
Evolving a fast car
Highly resistant Super Bugs
Create jobs ... and why Kerry won't. Good introduction into global economics as well.
More financial stuff ... why the market is smarter than the economists.
A look back on Reaganomics (again)
What a trade deficit really is ... and not the same as having a max'ed out credit card.
Kerry is adopting Edward's policies ... is that a waffle as well?
WiFi farming!
Language Map - looking for someone who speaks Yiddish in Montana? There are two of them.
SD WiFi card ... now available for PALM too (prev=PocketPC only)
a Mobile Wallet ... cel phone + credit card + fast pass (equiv) + etc.
QUICK Funny:
Kerry denies existence of Idaho
... and I am sorry to have gone all political on you. Again!