... today will be brief, too damn busy ...
'Volunteer' exceuted, Tax $$ saved!
Bagle / beagle copycat making the rounds more info here
World vs Spam ... MS+$4M
RIAA vs. World
Linux cluster of 1024 CPUs One oS instances across all CPUs ... and who knew SGI was still around? :>
Marthe Being sentenced today, expect 5months to 1year (not in a Federal-pound-me-in-the-ass-prison, though), after she appeals ... and she had to sell her house ... pity party for Martha, if ONLY she hadn't lied to investigators or acted on insider information ...
The Philippines officially submit to Terrorists' will
Some criticism of the GOP ... too much spending!
UN to Israel - Drop Dead ... mean to include this yesterday, sorry!
Progress in America
Concerns about trial lawyers abound ... one specific trial lawyer specifically ... "80-90 percent of recent claims are specious"
For the record - after reading two articles at counterpunch.org this morning I was sick to my stomach, the liberalism threatening breakfast and mental balance. Sometimes, Cartman is right - Democrats piss me off. Don't get me wrong, I am all for spirited conversations - but damn, some of the facts & propositions laid out are beyond ludicrous and the way the articles are composed (spin-content) are even worse.