... we survived Michigan; and my baby(?) sister is now married!
Brett Miner & Stacey Lynn (Evans) Miner, married July 23rd, 2004
CONGRATS! (pictures to follow, later)
latest MyDoom variant a big deal ... Symantec raises overall Internet Threat to 3 (out of 4)
... and it screws with Google, a little bit.
Teresa Kerry tells reporter to 'Shove It' ... after calling for more civility in politics. Nice!
Teresa Kerry calls Democrats 'Putrid' ... calls Kennedy a Bastard. Back when she was a right-thinking American.
Fighter pilots controlling swarms of drones ... sweet!!
Google IPO price set at low $100s ... let the Dutch-Auction begin!
Terraform Mars?
Editorial - Were we right to go to war with Iraq?
This is the type of propaganda being thrown out there against Bush ... Kristi, Owen, Greg & mike will be happy; but the US loses :( (Note - of the many items I have read I can counter almost all of them ... it is amazing how easy you can omit a detail or three and change the entire implication of a paragraph :))
Housing 'bubble' ... the hottest zip codes
The DNC is a threat to National Safety ... the REALLY funny part is that they are a threat to our safety! (the article is funny as hell, you should read it - and possibly join the FCAWWKADAIn or the CRPRFBG or the AGJKB ...)
This Land is mine, no mine .. um, mine. Bush & Kerry sing a little ditty.
Dilbert, mentions trophy wives ... :)
Kerry & Wife are crappy tippers
False advertising ... funny!
How do you tax illegal drug sales? Ask Kansas!
9-11 Commission stops a terrorist ... note that this IS under the FUNNY section.
Bill & Hillary speak for the first time in 6 years
the most complete satirical coverage of the DNC
Mrs. Kerry moved to 'secure location' "... she could make her most valuable contributions to the presidential campaign from a soundproof chamber buried miles beneath the earth’s crust". I bet Slick Willy wishes he could have done the same thing with Hillary. And Monica. And Jennifer.
For those who care - Cisco has released VPN client v4.0.5 ... CCO login required