... read the Web Privacy Policy article linked one entry below!
(and the Oreilly vs Moore is nice too)
Kerry's (current) tax plan ... and why it CANNOT work. Edward's own words - "the Kerry plan would drive us deeper and deeper into deficit."
Teresa speaks about her husband ... as usual, lots of lofty goals. And also as usual, nothing to back them up or details on how to achieve them ... and some (shaky|misleading|irrelevant) comments too.
Kennedy blathers on ... probably still bitter about 1980, or perhaps he drank too much of Papa Joe's illegal moonshine, or perhaps the lady he basically killed (Mary Jo Kopechne) is haunting him?
More Democrat details ... some of Kerry's many waffles, some of Kennedy's past, and some of the positive things that have forced Kerry to continuously change his focus. "The inmates aren't just on the convention floor in Boston. They’re running the show."
Latest MyDoom comments ... additional steps needed to remove it, and how it was not written quite right. Bonus - DoubeClick having problems, sweet!
Deficit still bad, but not as bad as feared
Party Conventions going away? ... too damn boring?
Don't talk on your phone during a movie ... you might get pepper sprayed! Nice!
How the US is losing the 'Economic Freedom race'
Google screwing up their IPO?
Play Lemmings online!!
The New York Times does a waffle ... imitating Kerry? :P
Why can women have Women-only groups, but men cannot have men-only gatherings? ... or, more to the point, why can't men crash women-only groups just like women crash our parties? Now THAT is inequality!
Google unveils new advanced search techniques!
John Glen mounted in the Smithsonian
It's official - Americans sh!t too much
Insomniacs rushing to DNC ... to be put to sleep by the speeches
Sick - Dentist administers sperm to patients ... one lady said "That tastes like sperm". No comments needed.
TSG is there with more details regarding Dr Sperm, DDS ... nickname courtesy of FARK.com
Bill is now Hillary's bitch