Earth's magnetic field collapsing ... as mentioned previously!
More signs of strong economy - Trade Gap DROPS and exports at RECORD levels. Imports also at record levels, 'driven' by high oil prices.
Moore's Myths ... more reasons why F9/11 smells bad.
On the downside - Whoops! Cheney may have some legal issues coming up.
Compare Bush & Kerry decisiveness, likable, honest, etc.
Review of the CIA ... and how to fix it.
More bans on outsourcing ... I have mixed feelings on this ...
Radical lefties
Avoiding Asteroid-caused Doomsdays
Realty TV done right - Porn Stars!
When destitute, live here
Cheater's beware - the Infidelity Kit is out there!
Rabies and AIDS vaccines in the works ... thanks to the wonder of GM plants! (Not General Motors' factories, but Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies)
... but still years away
Meanwhile, 'AIDS Orphans' are steadily increasing in number
Hoax Sites ... not the usual list of hoaxes, rather a list of Hoax Websites.
Fun at the Office
Dead celebrities
This would suck!
Rules for a Gun Fight! Wahoo!
Braille T-Shirts
William Hung found dead
Guess the dictator!
Happy Birthday, W! Oh yeah - Surprise, No WMDs!
oh yeah, and Kerry/Edwards down 15% with likely voters in NC. Sweet!