Economy - best growth in 20 years
Buffet slams 'options expensing bill' as mathematical lunacy ... the surprising part is that he wants the bill to be tougher! :)
Kerry/Edwards - impact on your paycheck.
Wall Street's thoughts on Edwards as VP.
Sidenote - Edwards is exactly poor.
USS Cole bombers finally being charged
MS cutting $1B in costs ... I wish I had that problem!
AIDS still going strong ... 2003 a record year for new AIDS infections. 3 million AIDS victims died in 2003 alone.
White Dwarf ... star, not gaming related :P
IGC announces new Security Law in Iraq.
Portland Archdiocese is bankrupt!
Enterprises are slow to remove IE ... security flaws abound. Of course, they can be worked-around.
Saudi's re-commit to upping oil production
Sun spots - more active now than at anytime in the last millenia ... and perhaps a great influence in global warming.
A PRO_Edwards site bashed Kerry ... I know, it was like a couple months ago. But THEIR criticisms are still accurate!
Bottle-rocket tag! I used to play that, but we never lost any body parts (it's all fun and games until someone loses a toe).
Now is the time to follow in complacent silence.
ConfusionRoad's Guide to F9/11 .. either way, its mostly propaganda.
Video: 30 Hornets massacre 30,000 bees
The DWI Calculator! Great at parties (ahem).
Whoops --> Splash! ... you just failed your driving test.