'I want Bush in there, because the other guy is like sending a boy to do a man's job' ... Bush-Cheney take (minor) lead. Nader still losing.
Edwards amassed his fortune using crackpot medicine as the basis for crackpot lawsuits.
The evil, odious DMCA strikes again ... removed pages from Google.
Ken Lay indicted!! About F'ing time.
Sam Donaldson's ranch manager's son goes postal, kills four ... not news except that it happened on Sam's ranch.
Businesses not supporting Kerry ... duh!
CheckPoint FW1 vulnerability
new AIDS drug
Mind reading brain implants
Myopia caused by lifestyle, not genetics. i.e. - quit watching TV / computer displays.
Gay Marriages ... a quick run down on American's attitudes (and changes thereof).
Jobs Jobs Jobs ... and when is 3M not really 3M? AND how Kerry's promise of 10M jobs is quite unrealistic.
Coyotes on the loose in the DC area ... seriously, wild coyotes.
F*CK the rainforests. I mean, F*CK for the rain Forests. On stage, live. Interesting, but NSFW.
FW vs. House. This could have been Mark's fault ... ?
Peat bogs now responsible for global warming?
Mud in Saturn's rings.
ITU plans to stop spam NLT 2006 ... we'll see!
Ken Starr comments on Teflon Billy's book.
Cost of Government Day ... the government is now paid for!
Edwards is no moderate!
Give the gift that sucks ... music CDs! Read the paragraph at the bottom!
Kerry-Edwards ... just a little gay. Not that their is anything wrong with that.
Kerry-Edwards ... just a little gay. Not that their is anything wrong with that. This is a different one.
Bush has better hair than Kerry ... so take that!
The Homeless Depot
Moore's weight is, primarily, Ego and Hot Air ... I would've voted for mostly BS :P.
PS - NSFW means Not Safe For Work, i.e. - contains nudity or something.