Kerry (aka Mr. Waffle) chooses Edwards as VP.
Some comments on Mr. Edwards from the GOP. (so unbiased, of course ;) ) Quotes Mr. Kerry several times though :> !
Some comments on Mr. Edwards from Kerry himself. (so unbiased, of course ;) )
CIA withheld WMD info .. perhaps Oreilly was right, and Tenet should have been out sooner?
Proof that atleast some of the Suicide bombers in Iraq are foreigners ... i.e. NON-Iraqi
Blair on WMD
Muslim US Marine released! ... after agreeing not to return to service.
China up to old brainwashing tricks again.
MS -$497M ... yes, that is 497 Million Dollars
MS -$5M, plus another -$177M in vouchers. I wish I could pay my bills with 'vouchers'.
Sun's nameless workstation.
China adopts IPv9 ... yes, IPv9. WTF??
The Governator goes grassroots ... to end partisan bickering over Cali budget
Old people to blame for Humanity's spread across the globe.
Locust plague to strike ... weren't' the Jews set free already??
House Prices vs. The Fed ... just for you, T.
Rolling robots
CO2 levels spurred leaf change
Have Sex, make a blog, get a book deal ... tramp.
Reagan Pyramid nears completion
Saddam vows to find real killers ... maybe OJ did it THIS time?
Colin Powell has finally lost it!
F9/11 + Weed = sweeeeeet. I still say it is too much propaganda, not enough movie.
Real, Live Humans to star in movie .. startling return to older time.
SpiderMan2 - in Legos. ... slick on Windows Media (or QuickTime) to see the HLA (Hot Lego Action).
PS - 4th of July PSA from our friends @ REDvsBLUE.com ... look under the July3rd posting to see the link.