Kerry to spend more than he claims ... duh, he is a democrat!
Bush's comments on Edwards
Senate Intelligence Committee's report on pre-9/11 info
Owner of .iq domain going to jail ... sweet!
SCO vs World ... STILL ongoing!
Kerry doesn't have time for CIA briefing
Inflation means you don't make money ... VERY interesting read, about how US tax code does not factor inflation and you actually lose money when you gain interest.
Stern getting hit again ... this is one area I tend to disagree with GWB/FCC on. Luckily he is making Infinity enough $$$ to keep him around :).
MCI going after Ebbers ... give me my money, beyatch. All $400M of it.
Martha doesn't want jail time
Surgery without breaking the skin
wireless file-swapping iPod ... finally, a good use of one! (aside from the whole BMW thing)
Female hormones in sewage. For the record, some people say a similar effect is a reasonable cause for the rise in the # of homosexuals in this country. Still nothing wrong with homosexuals.
Outrage fatigue
Movie mistakes:Spidey2
Bad 90's
Euphemism Generator
UF's take on F9/11
Ketchup makes you a liberal ... unless it is 'W' Ketchup!
Future Spam
PS - for those not keeping score:
'Before he announced his presidential candidacy last year, Edwards declared aggressive action against Iraq was needed because weapons of mass destruction were there.' Sounds like he 'lied' just like Bush.
(note the sarcasm - neither Bush nor Edwards lied. Bush has the strength of his convictions and the support of his party / running mate)
Source : http://www.townhall.com/columnists/robertnovak/rn20040710.shtml