Kerry was re-enacting his 'war footage'
Oil hits NEW RECORD - $43/barrel! Holy Sh!t! Yukos (Russian Co) ordered to stop selling products (including 1.7m bpd of oil). Yukos continued pumping anyway, but speculation has already set it ...
I present this in the interest of being balanced ('no spin'?) - Some reports that Bush is on powerful anti-depressants, a very critical (to be polite) article. It will be interesting to see the response, and hopefully it will contain contradictions to this :). Owen/Greg/Mike/Kristi rejoice!
a desperate cry for attention from the Texas Democratic Party
Couborn wins GOP nomination in Oklahoma ... why this is worth posting - he is a conservative pseudo-outsider, defeating the 'handpicked' GOP candidate for the chance to run for Senate. Grass-roots baby!
How can you live without a pulse? By having one of these new heart valve replacements! ... this may make it more interesting for Emergency Rooms though ... no pulse usually results in Drugs and Electricity :).
Solar Wind Generators
Another article on the real Solar Wind Generators
Dark Energy and Neutrinos ... ready for some science?
Are we the only creature to NOT use Ultrasound naturally?
Today's democratic Party - united & divided all at once
SKYPE 1.0 released! ... free VoIP, my nic is 'trejrco'
Dems Won't Permit Facts to Get in Way of '00 Election Myth
a token Funny, just so people MIGHT read this :)
Ways George Lucas Could Ruin Episode III