Kerry's speach ... repetitious and, again, making broad statements with no possible way of backing them up :)
More Kerry ... oh, and did I mention that he also makes more (baseless) attacks?
The GOPs take on Kerry's speach ... reviews of his statements, most of which are countermanded by prevailing sources.
Economists rate Kerry ... and explain why he, for the most part, cannot do what he claims to be planning. Spreads blame to Republicans too ...
Hail, the Conquering War Criminal Comes! Rather enlightening, from a normally left-leaning source.
Rudy on Kerry ...
Bone-eating worms
DES losing its certification ... single-DES, that is - not 3DES. Yet :) ... AES = better!
US Pharmacies vs Canadian Pharmacies
MS on Spam
Miss Georgia Sex Offenders 2004 Pageant ... check the titles!