Pakistan nabs Ghailani
al-Zarqawi busted in Iraq ... Sike! This story is apparently a mis-reported version of the Ghailani story. Oops! Regardless of the source, this is not true (the US military says so)
Sony + BMG merger approved by FTC ... thats big, and possibly bad.
Kerry's war comrades prepare for war ... against Kerry ... and 2 of his purple hearts are fake'ish. None of them resulted in any missed duty. Serious wounds there, Mr. 'War Hero'
US 'Missile Shield' coming! .. successfully tested.
More reasons the French suck - when it gets hot, you die.
And they don't appear to like Jews.
Incomes fall for the second straight year ... maybe this is because someone with 0 exp and a CCNA isn't worth $70k/yr anymore? Just maybe?
Saddam suffers Stroke, and by stroke I mean a prostate infection
The rubber-band / dark-energy universe ... the acceleron? What a terrible name, sounds like an Intel chip :).
6 figure salaries ... in Politics
One person responsible for 70% of all virus infections last year ... um, bastard.
... go read BASH.org, that is hours of fun.
for example:
bitch tells me i got a drinkin problem
i tell her she has an ugly problem and im tryin to make it less obvious
we dont get along so well after that
( from BASH)