Slimfast drops Whoopi due to the comments she made ... ha-ha. Jokey-Joke time, eh?
NAACP insulting Conservative Black people ... still out of touch. And Kerry is pandering to them!
Australia sending more troops to Iraq ... showing the kind of international dedication we need.
Rumors of Cheney not being VP for 04 election ... just what Greg wanted.
Kerry, accusing Bush of possibly not reading Iraq-related briefing, didn't read Iraq report prior to voting. goose, gander.
Meet the X-43A Mach10 baby!
Example of how screwed up our legal system is, and how much 'privilege' we have granted to our legislators
Some of Kerry's crewmates, on Kerry
Hillary snubbed by DNC/Kerry ... aaww, poor little Hillary not the center of attention anymore. sniff-sniff.
Amusing article on how extremists on either side view the opposition ... description of Democrats sounds about right :)
"the average liberal is an amoral atheist who believes all values are relative, and whose main recreations are promiscuous sex, illegal drugs and hating America. Liberals favor killing unborn children whenever it's convenient to do so, and using other peoples' money to advance their pet causes, which include destroying Western civilization by undermining its basic institutions, such as marriage and the family."
Democrat fundraiser busted for Prostitution and tax fraud, obstruction ... little things
Interesting read on homeland security good references and details, although it overlooks/omits a few relevant details, and asks leading questions meant to encourage you to come to the wrong conclusions :).
Green party is pro-Iraq-war ... or is it all just a sham?
Beware the SuperBugs
Fight TB too
Gates drops $45M to help fight TB
Apples income triples ... too many damn hippies buying iPods. Eventually, Apple will run out of niche markets, or people will get tired of seeing iEverything.
Teleport THIS
MS granted patent for 'Insecure Software' ... check the picture!
FOX launches right-wing Weather Channel .. fair and balanced
Rolling Stones’ 'Defibrillation Tour'
Beer beigns at fermentation, not at born-on date
Election to be delayed 24 months ... would've been funnier if they said 48 ...
Top10 SciFi moments of stupidity