WOW Web Privacy Policies mean nothing - that means ANY info you give to ANY company can be used by THEM in ANY fashion THEY want, regardless of what they said it would be used for. Expect more litigation on this topic!! One douche-judge ruins it for everyone ...
Ted Turner, on Big Media ... a bit of 'self-interest' on his part, but still an interesting read.
SCO vs World, takes a step back. DaimlerChrysler 1, SCO 0.
World vs SCO, the strike-back continues ...
Oreilly vs Moore
Jackson now accused of imprisonment (of a minor) ... hmm, perhaps you should quit sleeping with little boys, eh Michael?
Gas is too damn expensive, again
France annuls first same-sex marriage ... did the French do something right, finally?
IPv6 support added to root DNS servers
Doom3 is (finally) coming ... is your HW ready?
Is your email being read?
Verizon pushing FTTP, 'Fiber To The Premises' ... think 15Mbps/2Mbps for $50/month!!
Mystery beasts wandering around Baltimore .. I think Seeken did it.
Wandering star caused Sedna's erratic orbit
More comments on the Real Estate bubble ... but then again, Mortgage demand is still strong!
No funnies this evening ... deal with it!