News: ... sorry, lots of Politics (its the week of a major party convention, what do you expect??)
If things are so good, why do people say they are so bad? ... the answer, of course, is politics :).
Oil made it up to $43.05, but is easing down now ... Yukos not being forced to stop production.
CNN reports Oil going for $42 PER OUNCE ... DAMN! :) Nice typo.
An article by Ann Coulter has been dropped by USA today ... in other news, she is a leggy Bush bimbo :)
Edwards opens mouth ... amazingly, this time he is not suing anyone (and raising the cost of our medical coverage :).) To those of you who are anti-war - he also says, to terrorists, "You can run. You cannot hide. And we will destroy you." Um, that sounds like a war, no? Oh yeah, and by Kerry decree they skip talking about anything controversial. How quaint.
Kerry to pester old vets ... unsolicited phone calls. How repugnant.
Article that is negative towards Kerry and Republicans ... so it is half-right :P. Points out another Kerry waffle and calls him the 'ghost senator'. Also reminds us that he voted for war in Iraq, for the Patriot Act (and its predecessors), for NAFTA, for CDA, etc. etc.
5 reasons to fear the Democratic Party
Democrats largest contribution provider also likes the mob ... maybe because the mob and the DNC operate in much the same fashion?
DNC to Democrats in Boston - 'You know the way you always act. Don't be that way. At least for 96 hours, wash your hair, be polite, pretend you actually like America and work at a real job.' ... hahahha
Saddam having a 'stroke' of bad luck?
Cel phones SAFE for use in Hospitals! ... finally!
Hacking RFID?
Comic Actor charged with Rape
Moore admits he will vote for whoever says something nice about him ... also keeps his mouth away from food long enough to ramble on, producing the drivel we expect. And, if (by some pact-with-the-devil) Kerry does get elected, let's see if Moore is true to his word and points the same critical camera at Kerry.
Moore also calls all Republicans 'hate-triots' who 'wake up at six in the morning trying to figure out which minority group they're going to screw today' ... First off - I was up at 4:20am, thank you very much. Secondly - I had no idea I was supposed to hate people and screw minorities. I apparently have almost 30 years of non-hate/non-screwing-of-minorities to catch up on.
Fatigue is in the mind
Does that look like the Death Star to you?
One sweet F'ing PDA! ... now it just need s keyboard, GPS, and phone. Oh, and a toilet paper roll so it can wipe too.
Martha offers to server 'prison time' on her own property ... what world is she from?? Dave Chappelle was right - I need to get in on this 'being white' thing.
Children escape from daycare torture camp
Why Free Trade is good ... contrary to what some would have you believe.
Some thoughts on the Federal Deficit" ... and how the presidential candidates vary.
I haven't tried it myself, but you can suppsoedly get a free iPod here ... if you are willing to settle for an iPod.
Another true Dilbert
Kerry - A great precedent
Al Qaeda wins Gold Medal ... on the Monkey Bars
Catholic kids turn Pro-Choice to avoid Mass
RIAA sues teen for copying homework
Segway wars ... or polo, or something.
WalMart receipts ... I don't know why, but the concept makes me giggle.
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