News: ... and I can't help but point out that Kerry has waffled more. Read his speech form last night criticizing things he voted for and decrying the need for things he voted against. How he has made it this far is beyond belief, to me anyway. If anyone can explain it please feel free to ... I hope he is called on to provide details about his very(!) liberal senate history.
I can see what you see ... pictures of your eye show what you are looking at ... In fact, it can see more of what you see that you can.
An article that says, basically, both parties have lost sight of what they originally stood for.
Tide power ... in other news, to turn the lights off in this Welsh town all you need to do is blow up the moon - no more tides :).
EXCELLENT READ: How the US views Europe, and vice-versa. God Bless the USA .
Email privacy ... and VIN laundering, pretty sweet.
Rabiit bombs nto such a great idea ... Mr. Coyote wanted for questioning :)
Apple freaks out at Real Networks ... effectively, calls them a bunch of hackers.
The old alt.pave.the.world still exists ... kinda, now they are alt.pave.the.earth.with.asphalt ... sadly, it isn't as entertaining or as active as it was 'back in the day'. Reminder, moon chroming is heresy.
Have a great weekend everybody! See some of you Saturday night!
PS - go patch your IE ... SCOB patch released ('critical')