News: ... damn oil prices went back up again.
DNC Convention Director pulls a whoopsie! Says F*ck on worldwide TV report :P
Another MyDoom variant running around ... lower risk rating than previous (this one = 2, last one made it up to 4 (out of 4)).
Notes from the Black Hat conference ... day 1
Out-of-Cycle IE patch imminent ... anti-SCOB/Download.Ject
Prion Disease breakthrough ... Mad Cow (BSE) and CJD being targeted :)
Acne bacteria has surprising number of tricks ... and some weaknesses.
How the Cel Phone +PDA +camera +EmailReader +3GInternetAccessDevice +MP3player trend is killing the semiconductor business ... I am still waiting for the right one; needs a keyboard, GPS, ~1gb storage, SD slot and bluetooth as well :). (Yes Chris - I forgot WiFi, 802.11g at the very least)
How to spot an Anthrax attack ... loud music not listed.
AIDS conference redux
Star Colors
deja vu, again?
Meteorite life story revealed
My teachers never did this for me ... guess I should have gone to school in India
Your mother is not the devil, and you don't need to decapitate her ... like this guy did to his
I, Republican ... the three laws of being conservative :)
14yo not so active
Vend-A-Temp ... the answer to your Temp needs
Jargon busters awards ... #1 = "The hours of non-hours work worked by a worker in a pay reference period shall be the total of the number of hours spent by him during the pay reference period in carrying out the duties required of him under his contract to do non-hours work"
ACT may be a bunch of liberal weenies, but with Will Ferrell's help they can make a funny commercial ... ~19MB of anti-Bush drivel
US to tap not-so-Special Forces ... I supposed the Special Ed Forces are next :)
Cel phones as birth control method ... saving the cost of a vasectomy, priceless.
Study shows alcohol effective against sobriety