OK, so maybe I do have a little time after-all ...
Thoughts on our economy ... and why entitlements reform is a MUST.
Comments on the continued good news about the US Economy ... Kerry -1 leg
Thoughts on Iraq's economy
Some comments on stem cell research and how Reagan Jr is being used.
Martha = 5+5, -$30k ... coulda' been worse! (and still under appeal - wouldn't it be funny if the appeal got her 16, -$60k :) )
'Hacker' Adrian Lamo sentenced too ... $65k is a lot to a homeless person. NYTmies should have been embarrassed, and paid him ...
Oh, and shocker - Kerry waffles again
Canada reminds me of home ... by home, I mean Communist Hungary in the 1970's.
Excel auto-format eats DNA
Washington state's 'anti-game violence' law punted
Saudi Arabia - where raping your hired help gets them (not you) put in jail ... perhaps we should invite them into the 21st century at some point?
Pity sex ... I know how 'Ben Stoll' feels.
CatWoman Trailer : If you enjoy looking at Halley Berry oiled up in skimpy black leather outfits, or you want a warning on why you should not pay money to see this movie then this trailer is for you. Otherwise, save your bandwidth
Lesbians make anything better ... barely beat out bacon.
BK - 'I'm dying here' ad campaign
How to write unmaintainable code