One more shout out - Kerry, in-spite of having sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee AND voting repeatedly to cut the CIA's budget, now says he will DOUBLE the Agency's budget. That is spelled W-A-F-F-L-E.

... a few other news-bites:
Not all Republicans are quite squeaky clean ... this may not be all that bad in reality, but all politicians should beware the conflict of interest type issues this situation raises.
Whoopi opens her mouth again ... this time, to defend herself.
Aid for Saudi cut by 'House ... initially it sounds good, but perhaps we need to keep as many allies as we can.
WOW - Life Expectancy in Africa is 33 ... blamed primarily on AIDS.
China making new attack sub ... just as we are scaling back our sub program. Super.
A not-too-friendly review of the CIA ... some valid points (some valid, some new ... not neither. And some responses from McLaughlin (acting CIA director)