2 Arrested in Missile sting operation ... Pakistan busted a terrorist there who was in the 'final stages of planning' his operation against UK, and Brits nabbed a US-wanted terrorist. Good Day!
More Anti-Kerry - killed unarmed teen in 'Nam ... and lied for medal.
Problems for Google's IPO ... and more problems with Google's IPO ... good summary of their problems here ... these can now be added to the list 'how many ways can Google screw up its IPO' :)
Oil still breaking record prices
Interesting: A problems with outsourcing/offshoring your SW development efforts ... naturally, this could happen in-country too, but prosecution would be just a bit easier 'in-house'
Vets favor Bush
Oracle sitting on fixes? ... David Litchfield not too happy with them.
Biometric ID ... not quite, but using your skin to transmit data is still cool!
Ann Coulter speaks again ... mostly about the Sandy Berger 'accidentally stealing confidential info' issue.
Let's talk about Gamma Ray Bursts
Antibody that fights Alzheimer's
Treatment for vCJD starts test
HI-Larious anti-Kerry ad
Funny or scary - 911 operator asleep during call