321 to copy DVDs no more ... litigated out of business :(
Conversely, TiVo gets approval to start data sharing TiVoToGo
When you have killed your wife (and unborn child) and are claiming that they just disappeared while you were fishing (near where they were found), ordering P0rn not the best way to express your grief ... Mr. Peterson, let me introduce you to Bubba, your cel mate in the FPMITAP. (Federal Pound Me In The A$$ Prison)
A bunch of needy artists, unable to sell enough tickets based on their music alone - work for the Democrats ... like the Dixie Chicks have a good name? ... see also the Art of Confusing Fame with Wisdom
The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico getting bigger ... Stephen King wanted for comment.
Labor Unions coming to WalMart ... well, in Canada anyway.
Why stuff is matter ... as opposed to anti-matter.
More on SCO vs LessWorldThanBefore