Al-Sadr still causing problems
DNC lawyers in a fuss, trying to stifle THIS
A return of the DOTCOM era? ... maybe with some sanity this time?
vCJD more widespread than thought ... if so, let's hope the treatments for it get developed ASAP
Info from Iraq assisted in the 'Missile Sting'
Sun working on 'proximity communication' ... and end to (traditional) motherboards?
Jobless claims drop ... sadly, so did the DOW
Scary? Making 'regular' food out of blood
Electoral Vote breakdown ... Kerry in the lead, for now.
Put me in stasis!
No Martian water found ... covered up by lava?
Dems refute some of the accusations against the Kerry's ... still no reasons to vote for them though :).
Former employees on poor accounting by Haliburton division
READ BASH! and see things like Your momma is so fat, she gets -8 to her AC ... and lots of other funny things (not just for RPGers)
Top11 Geek Movies
An oldie but a goodie - the Good Housewife's Guide ... how far we have fallen. It all started when we let them vote ... to add insult to injury, they then they elected Clinton.
80% of Germans would vote for Kerry ... which, to me, is a resounding endorsement for GWB!
Why just yell Fire in a theater when you can tell an entire cruise ship to 'abandon ship' ... form the "if your going to do it, do it right" file.
The boyfriend pillow ... as an alternative, there are lots of lonely men out there would could fill the role as well. The vibrating arm option brings up some interesting thoughts, I wonder if the Girlfriend Edition will have a similar option?

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