Decapitation hoax? ... sick bastard ...
Amnesty in Iraq
Al-Qaeda busts ... another one in UAE follows the arrests in US, UK, Pakistan
WinXPsp2 not really delayed after all ... deployment occurring this month, WindowsUpdate delivery (or AutoUpdate). Also available now on MSDN (or SW01 :) ) ... and IE7 may be released 'soon'
US Election to be monitored by international team
Google's underwriter second guessing IPO!
Stealth wallpaper
I like my XBOX and all, but this is a bit much
Some questions about those attacking Kerry's record ... ain't politics fun? Meanwhile, more attacks are levied against Kerry, claiming he lied about being in Cambodia
Droughts are in Midwest are bad, and not going away ... for decades
I just found a sweet utility - Virtual CD from Microsoft, allows you to mount a .ISO as a drive letter ... and it's free!
The domain name says it all
Teresa - Blow it out your ass
Trailer review - AVP
Subject: threat level raised
Due to explosives that were found under a rail bed in France, the Chirac government has raised the threat level in France to the second highest level. The President of France announced that as of 10:00 a.m., the threat level will officially go from "run" to "hide."

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