High Profile assassination threatened!
Pakistani man arrested for video-taping certain areas ... guilty or not? Apparently he was a bit shady in his answering of questions.
US to Najaf militants - surrender or die ... let's see if we back that up.

...or maybe Cisco won't route the market :)
Deepest hole found. ... Gatewood is interested
Teresa Kerry very friendly to green people ... maybe too friendly to the radical eco groups and terrorists too :P (some of those are 'refuted' here ... I say 'refuted' because the money may not go directly to the radical projects, but the group that supports the radical projects does get funding)
Mike Wallace being arrested for disorderly conduct
IRS to review pay of Charity Executives ... perhaps we need more charity, less executive?
Olympics - not exactly sold out
More on Saving Hubble ... as for funding, I think they should 'rent out' a portion of its services to raise $$$ (not saying we should cut all funding, just get some help on footing the bill)
Advanced signature recognition ... shouldn't we be using e-signatures for everything by now?
Competing ideas of Feminism
Do you need to have served in the military to be a good war president? ... ask Lincoln or FDR.

Alien message in our DNA?
Top11 updates NOT in WinXPsp2
Still cool - the Bible in Legos
Salary disclosures
When you can physically lose 770lbs, you should do so ... maybe not funny after-all.
Kerry is a French Spy - Jean Le Karre
Nike canceling sponsorship of illegal stimulant
It's Wednesday in America
Kerry unveils one-step improvement plan for America - No GWB ... what makes this REALLY funny is that, basically, is ALL he is offering.
100km ant colony in Australia
Super genius ... doubtful!

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