India's water woes ... let's take a second to pause and realize how DAMNED lucky we are to live in a country where we have clean (for the most part) drinking water and that does not have a $1B annual 'illegal water trading' industry.
Cheney - Kerry lacks convictions
Kobe's accuser asks for indefinite delay
Rodney Alexander switches to the winning side, changes from Democrat to Republican ... he's always been fairly conservative anyway (pro-gun, etc). Some Dem's are in a fuss becuase he switched on the last day of registration, and basically guarantees that the GOP will win the seat (regardless). Proof that the parties (Dem's in this case, but I am not being specific) are usually out for their own good vs. that of their constituents.

VPNs - double-edged sword ... by being cheap, everyone wants 10 :)
Cisco and SAP catch some grief
Coral able to survive global warming? ... contrary to previous opinion ...
Funny or Sad - Amtrak conductor suspended for telling passengers to Vote Bush
Raining on Google's IPO parade ... to happen soon?
Boost from steroids may only take a few weeks
Ann Coulter talks about 'Unfit for Command' .. of course, very anti-Kerry. But rightfully so :).
New definition of couch potato - sick! ... she had to be surgically removed from couch.

Worst manual
Corporate Etymologies ... BearingPoint not listed :(
Super-Villain showdown
The Drunken Armless Midget
GWB drunk @ wedding? ... who hasn't been in that position??
Teresa launches a 5 language tirade
Love advice ... or not.

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