Iran has test-fired a missile capable of reaching Israel
Liberals against Kerry ... and why the Unions get no respect (if you assume they deserve some, that is).
More Olympic buffoonery - internet feed restrictions abound! Brits lead the pack in access to real feeds.
Shell demolishing refinery to keep oil prices high? ... couple of days old, missed it somehow. I am sure there is a conspiracy theory here somewhere ...
Another hint at "All Sales Tax, No IRS" plan
Pair of tropical storms en route to Florida

you're more at risk of being killed by an SUV than someone living in the city is at risk of being mugged in an alley ... thanks Ryan.
Despite good science reasons not to, Kerry to permit federally funded embryonic stem cell research to re-start ... there are better ways to get stem cells! On a related, and even worse note - UK cloning humans ... for stem cells.
Marital problems for the Kerry's ... or just a night of disagreement? She might just be confused, in fact - sometimes she doesn't know where she is :)
I wish I had an Antitank missile ... great for commuting!
Is your name sexy?
New rockets?
nVidia's next card ... sneak peak ... supports PCI Express.
Sharp's new 3D display .. not quite cheap!

The perks of being in the USA's 'ruling class' ... TRUE! and more sad than funny!
Kirsten Dunst had sex in public places ... TRUE! And just a bit,um, interesting :)

“They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here?” — Paul Harvey

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