Mighty MO nixes gay marriage
Kerry slams Bush on intel; forgets as Senate Intel committee member he missed 38 of 49 intel meetings in eight years ... and more of Kerry's thoughts on Bush
9 men, 1 killer, no talking ... all 9 get life! This is how our legal system should work! Gang violence handled properly, except no death penalty for the real perp (IIRC - they don't do that over there).
New book coming out - critical of Kerry ... "war fabrications"
I would think that, after being raped, you wouldn't have sex for atleast several hours ... not the case with Kobe' "victim" ... Prosecution says the "victim" was just re-wearing dirty-ass underwear. So, she is either a lying ho or a stanky victim - real winning package she has going on.
More rebuttals regarding the 'old information' used to justify the elevated terror/threat level
Nutrition/overall-health affect gender of babies ... not fully understood yet
Lesbian Nurses go on killing spree ... and the name of the city if Fukuoka, how do they abbreviate that?
Restaurant bans anyone under 25 from coming in ... tired of screaming babies and inexperienced drinkers :).
Dave Chappelle now makes $50m in his new 2 year deal. Includes a RETROACTIVE increase in his cut of DVD sales (damn!). Includes possible Rick James biography. Cocaine is a powerful drug. PS - each season consists of 10 new episodes, do the math - 10 episodes, 26 minutes each, ~3 of that is a musical guest ... works out to ~$108k per minute of air time (simplified). SWEET!
I wish I got these kind of presents ... and didn't have to give them away.
The curse of IT Specialization
Letourneau back on the market ... "What they both called love the law clearly defines as child rape" ... don't you hate that?
More WiFi sniper action - this time for distance .. how does 55miles on an UNAMPLIFIED WiFi connection sound?
TurboCharge your IQ? ...
Amusing, kinda like SubservientChicken .. but doesn't listen as well. I told him to get a real job and to vote Republican - no dice.
Movie not as bad as expected
Cheney will protect your money
SUPER absorbent diaper saves baby ... name of the article funnier than article itself. Sorry.