New MyDoom running around ... aka Evaman.C ... the usual naming confusion persists.
Oil prices are the Democrats fault? Due to nixed domestic drilling. A bit of a stretch, IMHO.
Terrorist attack due in September
North Korean missile capable of reaching US ... now we really do need our missile shield!
Web addiction can get you out of service ... WTF??
Nancy Reagan supports Bush re-election
I knew it - War Games good for something! And I don't just mean for punking Gatewood.
Hacking admitted to killing wife
Pvt England facing (up to) 38 years
Some thoughts on tort reform
Democrats grasping for it
The ongoing saga of SCO vs World - no more lawsuits? What, our licenses only brought in $11k last year - how is that bad for our business?
Run all your windows apps on a Linux box ... maybe
Army orders huge ass computer ... made up of AMD CPUs. In other news, is 'Supercomputing' like traveling on the Concorde?
Australia to fall victim to the odious, odoriferous DMCA
CIA asks Bush to stop BLOGging
Let's all show non-support for our children!
The Apple Product lifecycle
Anyone but Kerry election campaign starting early