* Oil hits new high - $46.91 (after hours, back down to $46 now) ... you can check its current value * here. Chavez's win should help a bit .. and you can expect gas prices to start rising.
* New MyDoom.Q is out and about ... sev 3 out of 4; raises overall ThreatCon to 2 (out of 4).
* Cease fire in Najaf fails, tanks roll (and planes fly) back in.
* TelCo blocking calls from Cel users! ... how did they think people wouldn't resist? (It was blocked FOR NOW)
* Olympics to give away tickets, unfortunately they are not just giving away medals -
* US sucking? (Basketball pwn3d us, the pool beats us too) ... Oh, and Iran refused to fight Israel in Judo, to be punished? (should be!) Also, Phelps quest to tie record # of Gold medals is OVER as he only finishes 3rd in 200m! ... after he got a bronze in the 400 relay as well.
* Some thoughts on stem cells ... possibly worth pointing out - Stern is misleading his listeners jsut a bit. Not all stem cells are equal, and there are not ethical problems with all of them. Embryonic stem cells are the controversial ones, and as posted here before there are other options! (Californians are pretty split over Prop71, which would fund stem cell research - positive spin at this site and the negative spin is on this site and this site) ... personally, I would vote NO becuase the Prop not only includes embryonic stem cell research, even worse - it funds ONLY EMBRYONIC STEM CELL research! Besides, this i sjsut an attmept to get the largely uninformed public to pay for something the private sector KNOWS it CAN'T get a financial return on :). If you want a 'quick list of why Californians shuold vote no, this is a great 'they say-we say' list
* 'Terror masters revisited'

Interesting: PORN IS GOOD FOR YOU!
* The truth about taxes - 40% of the populous pays $0 in taxes ... a continued increase from previous estimates
* Ways to fight 'greenhouse gasses' - the 15 things to do to halt the rise within 50 years ... some evidence in support of sea level changes being recent
* DHS recommends WinXPsp2 to all ... or atleast to test it. MS has also publised a list of programs that break.
* Google's IPO not to be delayed by Playboy incident ... but they did fail to trademark GMail :)
* The much-flaunted Canadian Health System gets failing grades ... the 'model of socialized medicine' showing true colors.
* Is Mercury shrinking?
* Watch planets form
* Christianity wins! ... most widely-followed religion. Well, if #'s counted that is. Intersting - #4 of the list is NA ...
* 100 must-read SciFi books ... not sure I have read a snigle one of them :(
The 6 myths of IT ... interesting read!
* How's this for a renewable energy source - fat!
* Combat robots ... Where is Commander Data, we need his brain ...
* JOhn the Baptist's cave located
* McAfee buys Foundstone ... maybe now Foundstone will only use legit software :P

* English 2.0 ... just for you, Rusty.
* McGreevey proposes tax cut for people living two lives ... and the world's reaction to his announcement the other day
* Porter Goss Receives 5 Million Dollar Advance for Anti-Bush Book
* Introducing Concept Of 'Reruns' To Internet
* Barack Obama changing name to Yo Mama
* Puerto Rico granted statehood, our chances of a medal in basketball just got better
* How to raise good, conservative childrne (not a joke - but funny none-the-less!)
* An interview with the cast of Office Space!
* Top11 GI Joe villains! ... and osme other cool Top11 listings too.

Duo: i love it when youve been drinking for a while
Duo: and you think youre completely sober
Duo: but then you stand up and you're like, "oh there it is"
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