News: OIL ... Go Jeep! ... GOOGLE ...
* Phelps up to three Golds ... and US Basketball squeaks by the Greeks.
* Why immigratin must not be unrestricted
* More thoughts on the massive troop 're-deployment' ... calling lots of people back home, lots of them coming from Germany
* Kerry is SO gay - flies his hairdresser from DC to Oregon for a touch up ... has bounced her around twice now. Very thrifty! (ahem) ... Kerry also gives relationship advice ... probably wants us to be more sensitive, especially against terrorists.
* Looters start up ... thanks Charley! ... Charley-induced lay offs, price gouging ... and Charlie is the 2nd most expensive natural disaster in modern history

* In the ongoing saga of Google screwing their IPO up - now they may not have enough bidders ... UPDATE: IPO delayed due to lack of SEC approval
* One hell of a RNG
* No more hay fever?
* Army to start withholding 15% of payments from Haliburton!

* A sexy male make the female a better mother ... that's why Becky is the best mom in the world!
* Politicians have the right to lie
* Golden Palace . com ... invades Olympics.
* A new way to make an optical switch!
* '20 tips for Watertight Security'
* Cosmic Rays causing global warming ... or atleast impacting it? ... might be too late for Cali's wine industry
* Why Black Holes spout off
* Cement shortage?
* Stocks up, oil down ... actually, it is back up over $46/barrel now :( ... and it got closer to $47!. DAMMIT.
* Origins ... interesting, misc. science stuff
* 50% of high school kids are getting it on
* AM radio causing Leukemia?
* New Rubles harder than old Rubles to counterfeit, the old ones were already harder to copy than the NEW US $
* SBVFT raised another $400k - so the Anti-Kerry War issues just won't go away ... then again, if Kerry would quit bringing it up it would be easier to drop ;)
* Anarchists against Bush
* 22+ year old Jeep saves H2!
* Foreclosures on homes going up ... people spending beyond their means.
* FLA strikes down school vouchers - because they aren't thinking clearly
* Socialism is evil
* The War on Poverty ... and all of its misguided attempts at ending poverty, only to cement it in our society. Damn liberals. Also, an interview with Thomas Sowell
* Fair Tax - proponents of 'consumption tax'
* Review of enterprise 802.11g WAPs

* Mary-Kate and Ashley fused into one conjoined twin
* Dick Cheney denies being dead
* 'f*ck off'
* MS rewrites the rules of Haiku

sheep--> you are in a race.. and you pass the person who is running second, what position are you now?
FuIru> 2nd
sheep--> heh ... my dad caught be off guard and i said first
sheep--> he laughed in my face
sheep--> i got pwned by my dad
... abbreviated, from http://www.bash.org/?377280

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