* Second downed Russian plane also due to terrorism
* NYC terrorism on trains - plan derailed? ... Also in NYC, 250+ protesters arrested ... already!
* Hoops Gold for US ... not for the men (they got Bronze)
* Bush of Social Security ... and Kerry said it is 'no issue', showing how wrong he can be!
* Asia running out of water? ... in some parts, famine and import-dependency are only 5-10 years out.
* More on Bush's Intelligence-related Executive Orders ... and more here
* Teachers going on strike
* French journalists kidnapped ... sadly, now we get to see how France reacts!

* US Military can speak for themselves ... interesting.
* Longhorn in 2006 ... -WinFS
* Very amusing read on how pacifism / inaction on your part does NOT prevent someone from doing bad things to you
* Kerry flip-flops on Iraq ... AGAIN
* Tainted vaccine lots not a crisis ... but how about the decreased effectiveness?
* GOP heading in the wrong direction?
* A very Anti-Bush person questions Kerry's zombie-like followers ... Atleast zombies have 2HD, it could be worse! :)

*GAY ALERT* If you want to be scared - see Townsend's (some boy band) video on the web ... it is a great way to make your eyes hurt
* not that there is anything wrong with that ...
* Indian Olympic Team Wins Gold Medal in Outsourcing
* So-called Marathon Mouse escapes ... ravages countryside, runs fast ... better mouse now needs better trap :)

K418: Bash.org is false advertising.
K418: I expected IRC to be all funny and interesting, instead you're lucky if you can find a channel people actually talk in...
K418: And then when you do it's full of complete idiots, whose intelligence could probably be scientifically proven to be equal to that of the average turnip, and horny geeks, whose only interest is getting into your virtual pants.
... http://www.bash.org/?389734

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