US Army expecting to meet recruiting needs and pulling forces back home, from (mostly) Germany while reservists are complaining about job issues
IVF increases chance for rare BWS in infants

Great spin - how a decrease in tax payments counts as paying more, when you listen to some Dems - "President Bush's tax cuts since 2001 have shifted more of the tax burden from the nation's rich to middle-class families" ... "tax rate declined across all income levels" ... So, who does the math for these people? Also - "People in the top 20 percent of incomes, averaging $182,700 a year, saw their share of federal taxes decline from 65.3 percent of total payments in 2001 to 63.5 percent this year". Yes, 182k is a lot - but lots of those are small business owners, and they STILL PAY >65% of the total!
US money to be online
Pot, the anti-cancer?

Review of YuGiOh's trailer
iPod vs Cassette

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