Vast Right Wing Conspiracy ... or so the media seems to think. "Why actually answer the questions when you can simply say that the asking of the question is crappy politics?"
Najaf = bad .. is it a lose-lose situation?
More on oil ... and how to 'repair' the price of oil ... although I disagree with the proposal to being releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. I do agree with the proposal to halt the stocking-up of the SPR for now. Atleast gas is under $2/gallon (even premium, in Dale City, is under $2).
Allow Canadian drug imports ... from someone's boy, Kerry. Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the state-side problem?
5 Al Qaeda suspects arrested in Pakistan in the last 3 days
Don;t get out of the car when power lines are down :(
Stopping car-part rebirth - DataDots on every damn part
Gene therapy can make you a work-aholic ... if you are a monkey

Another write-up on WinXPsp2 - it short - Download it and install it. If you are running Win2k, thing about the fact that the development for Win2k began 9+ years ago ... so upgrade to WinXP (for workstations, Win2k3 for servers :) ).
Point - Counterpoint ... Bush's handling of Homeland Security an excellent article, National Review vs New Republic
Iraq 'urns off' al Jazeera
Democracy falling downward? Good article on Keyes candidacy
Both parties staying away from certain issues
Kerry - on gay marriage
Interview with Bruce Schneier ... he is always informative & entertaining. "cryptography is the strongest part of a very weak system"

... why they say not to share salary info
Computers getting smarter, Humans getting dumber
The A-Team cleared of charges ... only took 30 years. I pity the fool!
Goss already fails intelligence test - didn't know he was being nominated
Texans should Forget the Alamo
Safe Sleeping ... can include a DVD player, for super-secret pr0n-athon
Speaking of pr0n, meet Booble - the adult search engine

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