News: ... Alex the Hurricane, and Weather reporters, coming to OBX. Just in time for Oil to flirt with $44/barrel.
Martian Microbes found!?
Questions about the increased terror alert level OR, maybe there was new info that caused it to be relevant! ... you can probably ignore my previous 'uneducated guess'.
US Factory 'segment' enters longest stretch of rapid growth in 30 years ... more good economy news! Bring it on, four more years!
Self regulating ecosystem?
The sweet weapons of the future - set phasers to 'stop clucking' ... don't ask, just read the article.
Alzheimer's Cause?
Wanna buy some Google?
Wanna be a WiFi Sniper ... and possibly get detained by security? Either way, it is sweet looking!
Linux = Infringing on patents? FUD?
SUN to buy Novell? Maybe, maybe not.
'Veritas makes Linux as strong as Solaris'
Suing a jail for child support What the hell is wrong with this country??? ... if this succeeds, are High Schools and Hotels next? In other news, another example of DUMB LEGAL QUIRKS
Big Surprise - Moore Lies (this surprise is not as big as his waist) By the way, THIS IS A COOL SITE
Kerry's new math - spend $2TRILLION more, bring in $440BILLION more ... and somehow lower deficits. Perhaps we should buy him a calculator?
Mozilla to 'pay for bugs' ... find one, get $500
SWEET - how good are your reflexes? ... my first try = 55170, FARK's best = 84128
Mini-Me vs. The Evil Giant Bitch ... or his ex-girlfriend, whatever.
Woman being followed by hail
In Protesting against Protesters, dumping manure not likely to be covered under First Amendment