... just for the record, I would agree with those who say we shouldn't question Kerry's war record / history / whatever. It was a long time ago, and yes he served this country. However, the fact that Kerry himself constantly brings it up keeps it 'relevant'. On that note, here is what John McCain said back in 1973, specifically about Kerry (and Kennedy).
Oil prices still suck ... hits a new record - $44.97 ... pumping stops in Southern Iraq due to 'security concerns'.
Obstruction of Justice in Iraq?
How about democracy in the Middle East?
Fed going to hold the rate as-is instead of raising?
Stem cell research not to be treated lightly

We are 'leaking' less radio into space, decreasing our chances of being 'found'
The clothes make the medal?
HUbble -= 1 instrument ... sign of things to come?
O'Reilly vs. Krugman

City Jumper - fun!

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