News: ... don't forget to watch the meteor shower!
Marines have claimed the center of Najaf
RV full of fireworks, some marijuana and a shotgun found 'near the White House' ... almost definitely not terrorist related, but are kids these days just plain stupid? Driving their truck in a no truck zone, near the White House, with this cargo ...
Is Yellowstone's 'super volcano' going to blow us all up? ... Yogi bear unavailable for comment.
Hurricane Charley forecast to bring 110mph winds to Tampa ... Tropical Storm Bonnie to wreak some havoc in FLA too.
MSNBC to lose MS ... or NBC ... or just go under?
HP misses, and damn Oil, make market go downward ... did you know Oil made it up to $45.13 overnight? Damnit.

Swirls of hot gas above Earth
Interesting string of 'random thoughts' ... some political, some not.
Cheney speaks about Kerry ... revealed a few details I hadn't realized.
Kerry's plan for Iraq - utterly naive?
Kerry, trying to save face, waffles some more ... reminds me of another Democrat - "I did not have sexual relations" ... HAHAHAH
In what may be a new low for nationwide politics, Kerry called 'rich, white and wishy-washy' on radio ads ... how about we stick to the issues!?
Liberal bomb throwers attach Bush ... take it all with a grain of salt, oh yeah - and shouldn't we stick to the issues?
... when sticking to the issues, we should also keep the truth somewhere in there
Subtleties of inter-dolphin relationship
More thoughts on tax reform
How to judge a candidate ... are they expressing a real position, or simply repeating a platitude?
DNA evidence exonerates man (of rape) after 22 years in prison ... to put it bluntly, that would suck ass.

Corporate MoFo's theme song ... excellent site, even though they lean a bit left politically speaking, when they are talking about politics.
Forgiveness sex means Judge says "NO" to divorce

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