News: ... Friday the 13th ... not so lucky for FLA ... nor for oil - hits high of $46.65
*** Al-Sadr wounded ... not killed. UPDATE: cease fire talks underway! UPDATE2: Al-Sadr sends out his list of demands ... and some more relevant info, regarding al-Sadr's ties to Iran ...
*** Trade Deficit widens a bit more ... indicative that our economy is growing faster than everyone else's (funny how that can be spun either way, regardless of the #'s :) ) ... Unfortunately, the Budget Deficit is pretty damn big too. Some straight dope on how bad our deficits really are ... and a poke or two at Kerry's math.
*** NJ Governor is gay ... not that there is anything wrong with that. The problem is that he was also illegally appointing his boyfriend to six-digit 'positions', among other indiscretions ... and if he lived in Cali he couldn't get gay-married any more! ... Cali Supreme Court voids them all ... and they may lose electricity too!
*** 1M people told to evacuate FLA ... UPDATE: make that 2M, and Charlie threatens to have 120mph winds UPDATE2: Make that 125mph + 16' storm surge ... UPDATE3: Windspeed at ground level hit 145mph, 165mph higher up - expected to be upgraded to Cat 4 (If even hits 1000mbps we can upgrade it to Cat5e :) ) ... Storm Warnings issued as far up as NC! (3 people were killed by Tornadoes in NC, BTW)
*** Google + Playboy - violating the 'quiet period'? ... YET ANOTHER screw up in their IPO, which starts today
*** Oil for food, the problems ... and the TOTAL lack of UN action in response to abuse. "The United Nations let him do it" (him = Saddam, it = siphon $10BILLION) The UN's INability to enforce their policies is why the US had to invade. ... and more on why we invaded (debunks some of the post facto anti-war propaganda, and also discuses how this is weakening our position against Iran)
*** More reasons the UN, basically, sucks ... our 'allies', with regards to Iran's impending nuclear capability - "Europeans say they understand the threat but then act as if the real problem is not Iran but the United States"
*** Why are there so few techie women? ... more is better!
*** Should we add Subway to the list of things we should boycott (along with boycotting all of France)? ... Anti-American propaganda in German franchises.
*** More thoughts on 'Kerry's New Math'
*** Kerry now claims was in Cambodia in January, not Christmas ... others still disagree ... regardless, can we please drop this irrelevant issue??
*** Incremental Tax reform ... not the broad, sweeping National Sales Tax, etc. Good change better than no change, but we'll see!
*** Farm Subsidy scandal ... would call it 'Farmgate' but a) the whole +gate things is dumb and b) no one knows about this! Interesting snippet - "For perspective, consider that in 2000 alone U.S. spending on farm subsidies exceeded the total output of more than 70 nations".

*** Future heat waves to be more intense
*** More on Black Holes
*** HP fired 3 executives after low earnings (all three came from Compaq, maybe Carly is just cleaning house?) ... while Dell reported highest revenue ever :)
*** The Backless G-string (pics!) ... speaking of which, August is Anal Sex month? ... who knew?
*** UK had to make a late modification to swimmers' outfits because they turned transparent in water ... how did they not notice this a bit sooner??
*** Both Kerry & Bush are wrong on the ecology ... if you can get past the anti-capitalist leaning of the article it is an interesting read, very telling about some of the deep issues involved in the state of the world's energy. Also, if you read THIS ARTICLE on the possibility of oil being renewable after-all you could possibly take issue with the "the burning of organic material that was hundreds of millions of years in the making--fossil fuels" statement. We'll see, I could argue against that article as well :). For those interested, more info HERE, including oil coming from rock that predates the life that supposedly created the oil. Everyone may be right - the articles both raise the issue that perhaps the mantle can create oil as well as decomposed living matter, but raises a question about the commercial viability of mantle-produced oil in that it may be too scattered to be financially rewarding. Of course, none of this addresses the long-term ecological impact of continuing to burn more and more oil ... and sorry to have rambled. I rescind my apology, but only so I can add some more - a great interview with Mr. Gold, by Wired mag ... on a different note, advances are being made in solar power too - the ultimate renewable energy source (for another ~3billion years, anyway).
*** One lefty org blames Bush for Najaf ... let's forget about the Iran-related allegations against al-Sadr and that they WANT TO F'ing KILL US.
*** Not only have iTunes' sales not taken off, not only does Apple subjugate their interests to the RIAA for the privilege ... but now it has been hacked too! ... can someone please put a bullet in this horse? DVD John's site (appears to be down)
*** Lady jailed for smoking around her own kids ... THIS is an example of a society that isn't paying enough attention to IMPORTANT things! Unbelievable!

*** Or, maybe we should see salary info?
*** 9/11 Commission : NeoCons the nations greatest threat
*** Kerry went to Vietnam to avoid serving in the Alabama Nat'l Guard
*** Hitler + PalmPilot = Holocaust
*** 450year old info raises terror alert level
*** Click on "Yeti Sports 4 / World Tour" ... make the penguin fly! ... the 3DPong is cool too!!
*** From the 'if it seems to good to be true' category = Free Flat Screen TV!
*** Nude Ballerina NSFW
*** Shocker - Penis Pills don't work, and the guarantees suck ... but still a funny ass read. I'll take 'The Penis Mightier" for $100, Alex ... and 'buck futter'(did you see that episode of SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy??)
*** The definition of irony - flood siren test delayed due to heavy rain

BASH.org .. comments on War & Love
Disco_Stu: The Iraq conflict is our business and we will straighten it out.
Disco_Stu: you have to sit there and take it.
Disco_Stu: if you want our help when we are good, then you have to take our shit when we aren't
marble: love the sinner, hate the sin
esch: You don't stop loving your wife because she gets fat, do you?
marble: esch: my husband stopped loving me when I got fat. people are rotten. what's your point?
esch: marble: That you were probably annoying.
... http://www.bash.org/?374762

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