News: ... GOOGLE ... OIL ... Stocks! ...
* Al-Sadr making a deal? ... Disarming!... Oil hits $47+ anyway (NEW RECORD!):(
* Peterson, likely to walk
* Kerry and the uber-Liberal plan
* Cisco Router + OSPF = reboot
* Our solar system has acquired 7 New moons
* OK arrests 8 terrorist suspects ... while US may have mis-arrested 2 in Albany
* Google lowers IPO $$
* Dems and GOP agree - McGreevey should leave now
* Jacko news - probable cause was good and Psychologist being questioned, possible COI
* More on the FMA
* Another example of what's wrong with our legal system - Judge acknowledges suspect is 'guilty as sin', but lets him off - otherwise it would 'end his football career' WTF!?
* Toronto being cooled by Deep Lake cooling from Lake Ontario ... kinda cool (no pun intended) (well, maybe) ... more info here
* 10% of crops worldwide are watered by sewage ... often raw, untreated sewage. Ick.
* Dow above 10k!
* Freddie Mac being hit by SEC

* DLink's USB-powered WAP
* US Soldier suing Military ... doesn't want to go back to Iraq
* A social revolution?
* Miss Norway booted due to porn career
* Longest Palindrome
* Personal Aviation
* Saudi's not fault free, contrary to 9/11 commission reports
* Kerry embraces Hollywood as 'the heart and soul of this country' ... and the rest of us are ____? (hopefully voting against him)
* More Moore problems
* Iraq - no 2nd chance for al-Sadr ... time for them (not US!) to move in and clear him out. ... more on that here
* Thoughts on non-permanent allies
* Kerry's Band of Brothers
* The NSLU2 can be hacked, see THIS and THIS ... sweet!
Gay divorce
* Craig's lost - the new Google?
* Ann Coulter on Kerry ... always thought provoking, sometimes amusing ... and a bit extreme here and there :) ... interesting correlations between Kerry, Gore, Clinton ...
* Arafat (another terrorist) admits to, and promises to clear out, corruption ... riiiight.
* More signs of water on Mars

* Carville starts foaming
* Toys are obsolete
* Imaginary GirlFriend
* Bush gets the Oval Office redecorated
* Zeus speaks about the commercialization of the Olympics
* America's sweetheart dumps US
* Kerry having gay love affair with his hair ... and with Edwards :P
* Somebody got some

Miyomei2: I had my portable CD player, and took it in the bathroom with me while I went to pee.
Miyomei2: And the second I whipped my penis out, the theme song to 'Rocky' started playing.
Miyomei2: I've never felt more manly than in that moment.
... source: http://www.bash.org/?377931

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