News: ... IRAQ ... GOOGLE ... OIL ... D&D ...
* Lou Dobbs paraphrase - "the only people who are impressed with Kerry's military service are those who haven't served" ... and what Lou says differentiates Kerry & Bush, and he is not overly impressed with either!
* Al-Sadr not moving out fast enough? ... strike may begin within hours
* Drilling to move forward in Alaska's waters ... need more domestic oil!
* Eolas losing court battles to own the internet ... luckily, and +$565M for MS?
* Al-Jazeera to have a press-box at the RNC
*Olympics: US Women = set record in 800m Freestyle
* SCO vs World - IBM strikes back
* Democrats pulling no punches against Nader ... dirty pool, old man.
* Dems lie about Bush and this URL alone says enough :) (a little gratuitous in their presentation, but like I said - I like the URL) ... to be fair, it looks like some of the SBVFT people may not be 100% honest either

* Freeware ways to tweak / add-to Windows ... can actually make it useful! (although AdAware was omitted :( ) ... offers ISO download to expedite the process :)
* Nanotubes have no temperature?
* Want a new retina? ... I wonder how bad this would mess with Retina scans?
* AVP ... but out in the real galaxy? ... speaking of which, the galaxy is 13.6B years old
* Immigration control not there yet
* More teleportation action! ... also available HERE
* Another example - positive side of owning firearms
* National sales tax might be bad
* Google = $85/share ... the low end of the downwardly-revised $ range ... no IPO for Lindows (ever?)
* DNA sequencing against SPAM
* The real Gladiator story
* Nintendo receives patent on several key online gaming features ... our odoriferous PTO strike again!
* Cryptographic Weaknesses

* While I disagree with the sentiment, atleast this is advertising people would pay attention to NSFW
* Election outsourced to India
* Apocalypse, or clumsiness
* Gandhi - militant animal rights activist
* Phish ascends into heaven
* The least-active SourceForge projects
* The letter 'K' offered to Iraq
*TRUE: German men told not to pee standing ... does that make them females, gay or just dumb? (not that there is anything wrong with any of those options)
* I bet you don't expect THIS

"For the people in government, rather than the people who pester it, Washington is an early-rising, hard-working city. It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money."
-P.J. O'Rourke

Mooglez: the lack of intelligent and cultured converstaion bores me
Mooglez: laterz bitchez
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