News: ...OIL!! ... GOOGLE ... IRAN ...
* Big Assplosion possible .. largest non-nuclear boom ever. Sorry, UK.
* Kerry strikes back (well, kinda'). Kerry is still not letting this issue die, and he is still slipping in the polls too, sweet!
* Some thoughts radical Islam in general, and Al-Sadr specifically ... he has called for his people to hand the shrine over(after a night of bombing I'd think about changing my mind too!) ... dozens killed overnight ... UPDATE: Al_Sadr aides say they are handing over the shrine ... UPDATE: Weapons removed from shrine ... UPDATE: Al-Sadr out (slipped away?), shrine to be taken shortly?
* Iran to preemptively strike at US?
* Stocks & Oil still dancing ... UPDATE: Stocks still up despite oil approaching $50/barrel!
* The liberal NYT (accidentally) debunks one of Kerry's claims ... result - "The richer you were, the worse you got hit." Truth - 1, Kerry - 0.
* Last minute re-victory(Gold) for Peirsol ... Phelps sets new OR in 200m (he has 4 Golds now) ... US also got the Gold in the Gymnastics, first time since little Mary Lou. ... UPDATE: Phelps Gold Medal collection +=1
* Leftist groups publishing personal info about RNC delegates, encouraging 'contact' ... and openly state that they plan to violate NYC's permit laws. They may just get a dose of this!
* More on how bad Europe will be screwed by global warming .. regardless of the root cause(s).
* HotMail = 2GB storage, doubles GMail ... still not as 'cool'.
* How pulling our troops out of Europe helps end the passive-aggressive cycle of dependency

* Dust Storms up ... 10 fold in the last 50 years.
* Google managed to IPO at $85, opened at $100 ... rose to 100.34, down in after-hours trading to below $100 :( ... track it here
* Ted Kennedy on 'watch list' as potentially dangerous ... actually, I agree - he is VERY dangerous! (just not in the way the TSA is looking for)
* Anti-Kerry ... on why he IS making ad hominem attacks and on how he IS NOT just addressing the issues at hand to get the done & over with!
* DNC trying to keep soldiers from voting?
* Alaska = legal pot?
* School Choice is good for all schools ... except in FLA, where the judge said NO.
* West Nile contracted through dialysis ... oops!
* Jackson living like king of pop, of course
* Bush better for the economy (as opposed to Kerry)
* Can you spot Sagittarius?
* Sender ID moving forward?
* Malaria isolation ward?
* Stunt pilots and astronomers working together ...
* McCain on why the McCain/Feingold CFR bill just isn't working
* Thoughts on US's healthcare system ... "The system we have now is set up to be the most inefficient one possible."

* Iraqi's and French
*TRUE: Kerry legal advisor busted for soliciting a Ho
* Charley (the hurricane) declared an enemy combatant
* Bin Laden lost, blames mapquest
* J-Lo trivializes marriage
* India making play for Gold medal in over-population
* FCC fines NBC for Olympic coverage
*TRUE: Tricks of the trade .. submit your own, win fabulou ... well, nevermind - all you win a is a chance to see a painting of Bea Arthur fighting a velociraptor.

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